Dr. Nancy Sickelka began Cedar Rapids Hearing Center in 1999. Dr. Melissa Heinricy joined shortly afterward by serendipitously inquiring at Cedar Rapids Hearing Center just as the practice was ready to expand. Together, we have become the familiar faces that our patients trust and look forward to seeing for all of their hearing care needs.

At Cedar Rapids Hearing Center we’re known for our warm, welcoming environment and knowledgeable, professional care. We understand how difficult hearing problems can be and we’ve built a practice on accurately assessing the most effective solutions for our patients. Come see why we’ve acquired such a loyal patient base, and experience the difference of expert hearing care.




The quietest sounds people with mild hearing loss can hear are between 25 and 40 decibels. Soft sounds such as a ticking clock or dripping faucet may be difficult to hear. 

One-on-one conversations can be followed, but it can be challenging to catch every word in noisy environments. Fortunately, mild hearing loss can be corrected by using a hearing aid to amplify low sounds for easier hearing. 


On average, someone with moderate hearing loss cannot hear sounds less than 40-75 decibels. Understanding normal speech may be difficult. A ringing doorbell or a telephone may go unheard. It might be hard to follow or hear sounds during regular conversations. Depending on your hearing health, a moderate hearing loss may be improved by using a hearing aid or middle ear implants. 


If you have severe hearing loss, it can be difficult following a conversation without wearing a hearing aid. It is almost impossible to understand normal speech without wearing a hearing aid. Although helpful, hearing aids may not be efficient in improving hearing. An effective treatment to correct severe hearing loss is middle ear implants if appropriate or cochlear implants. 


At this level, you cannot hear sounds softer than 90-120 decibels, and a hearing aid is most often ineffective. It is difficult to even hear loud noises, such as airplane engines or fire alarms. You cannot hear at all and usually rely on lip-reading, gestures, or other visual cues. Some will decide to use sign language. A solution to profound hearing loss may be a cochlear implant. 


Nancy Sickelka, Au.D.

I really feel like I’m able to make a difference in my patients’ lives.

The ability to hear affects every aspect of life and helping people improve the quality of their daily life is very rewarding.

Melissa Heinricy, Au.D.

One of the things I love most about my work is being able to help people improve the quality of their lives! I love getting to know our patients and developing relationships with them.


Cedar Rapids Hearing Center was created from a strong desire to help improve people’s lives through better hearing. Our commitment to this mission extends into our greater community and we remain actively involved in the following charities:

  •  NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

  •  Lion’s Club

  •  Community Health Free Clinic

We also regularly reach out to our community’s residents who are in need of hearing care. We visit the following assisted living/retirement facilities every three months to provide hearing screenings, hearing aid cleanings, and ear cleanings as a free service.

  •  Cottage Grove Place

  •  Methwick

  •  Summit Pointe in Marion

  •  The Villages in Marion

  •  Keystone Cedars and Place

  • Terrace Glen in Marion

Please contact our office to learn more about these services and our upcoming facility visits.

I can't say enough good things about the Cedar Rapids Hearing Center!  Before I purchased my hearing aid, I got one to try out. There was absolutely no hard sell, but after a hearing test, I knew I needed help. I had been missing conversation and needed to have the TV on full blast....something my husband didn't appreciate. After buying my hearing aid,

I can see a great difference in my participation in the various groups

I belong to.

Suanne H

I have been very pleased with the service I receive here. I have worn hearing aids for 20+ years, and the staff here is most responsive to any adjustments or questions I have. Free batteries are another big plus.

Julie S

Several years ago I made an appointment with Dr. Melissa Heinricy at Cedar Rapids Hearing Center, and I feel so very fortunate to have found her as she is wonderful! Dr. Heinricy has helped me find the exact hearing aids that I need, and there is no pressure whatsoever to purchase. I feel very safe and confident that both doctors there as they are professional as well as kind and attentive to your needs. I highly recommend Cedar Rapids Hearing Center.

Bob Q


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