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With the ever-growing list of options these days, selecting the best hearing aid for your needs can seem daunting. Many factors will determine the best model of hearing aid for you, including your unique hearing ability, lifestyle requirements, budget, and preferences for specific features and hearing aid styles. You can trust that we’re experts at making this an easy and straightforward process so you can find a hearing aid that best suits you.

The first step to finding the right hearing aids for you comes with a hearing evaluation, allowing us to determine which features will work the best for you. If it is determined that you would benefit from a hearing aid, we will be happy to discuss all of your options with you in detail so you feel comfortable with your decision.

To learn more about modern hearing aids and how they can fit into your life, please call us or explore the information on our website. It’s our goal to reconnect you with the world again and provide clear hearing day in and day out. 

We look forward to serving you and your hearing health needs.


Hearing aids worn in the ear are generally custom-fit based on an impression of the ear. There are a variety of ITE styles that are available.

Full shell instruments fill the entire outer ear bowl. Due to their larger size, they allow for more features and functions. These include a larger battery, directional microphones, volume controls, and can fit larger receivers for more severe hearing losses. They are designed for mild to severe hearing losses.

Half shell instruments sit in the lower portion of the outer ear bowl. Since they are slightly larger than the CIC, they are able to hold additional features. These include a larger battery, directional microphones, and volume controls. They are designed for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Complete in-the-canal (CIC) instruments fit deeply into the ear canal. Slightly larger than the IIC, they are still relatively hard to see. They are designed for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Invisible in-the-canal (IIC) instruments are the smallest custom hearing aids available. They sit in the second bend of the canal and are nearly invisible to the naked eye. They are designed for mild to moderate hearing loss.


Behind-the-Ear instruments sit behind or on top of the outer ear with a tube that connects to an ear tip or mold inside of the ear. BTE’s offer the widest range of features, colors, battery types, and degrees of power. Today, they’re offered in small, discreet designs that are often unnoticeable when worn. For those who prefer to “show them off”, they also come in multiple colors and designs.

Mini BTE styles are designed to hide behind the outer ear and have ultra-thin tubing to discreetly route sound into the ear. The tubing typically connects to a soft tip that sits in the ear canal but doesn’t occlude it. The result is a natural, open feeling as airflow and sound enter the ear naturally around the tip, while amplified sound enters through the tip. This is known as “open fitting” and is recommended for mild to moderate hearing loss.


RITE hearing aid styles are BTEs that have the speaker built into the ear tip instead of the main body of the hearing aid. They are relatively unnoticeable when worn. They are designed for mild to severe hearing loss.

BTEs with earmolds have a longer shape that follows the contour behind the outer ear. Their larger size enables them to house features such as a program button and volume control. The hearing aid color, earmold style, and wearer’s hairstyle determine exactly how they’ll look on each person. They are designed for mild to profound hearing loss.



Founded in 1904, Oticon is one of the oldest and most respected hearing aid manufacturers in the world. With revolutionary technology and a People First promise, Oticon offers a wide range of revolutionary hearing aids for every lifestyle. Learn more about Oticon’s products by visiting their website here.


Phonak is a leading manufacturer of hearing aids and committed to changing the lives of their wearers. With a full range of hearing products and new rechargeable hearing aid technology, users can now enjoy superior hearing performance while freeing themselves from the hassles of disposable batteries. Cedar Rapids Hearing Center is proud to offer Lyric, which is the world’s only 100% invisible extended-wear hearing device. This hearing aid is unique in that it can be worn 24/7 for months-at-a-time and has no batteries to change. The Lyric is placed comfortably in your ear canal by one of our trained hearing professionals with no need for surgery or anesthesia. It is positioned comfortably and completely in the ear canal, so it can’t be seen from any angle, at any time. The Lyric can be used during almost all your daily activities including exercising, showering, sleeping, and talking on the phone. Many patients find success with Lyric™, an extended-wear device that sits deep within the ear canal. With the ability to wear it for months on end, it gives you clear hearing while being virtually invisible. Discrete and comfortable, Lyric™ has a high success rate with patients across America. Learn more about Phonak and their products by visiting their website here.


Signia, formerly known as Siemens, is a hearing aid manufacturer that offers a full range of hearing aids designed to improve many forms of hearing loss. With leading hearing technology, Signia’s hearing aids allow their wearers to hear better with less effort. Learn more about Signia’s products by visiting their website here.


Starkey is a leading hearing aid manufacturer based out of Minnesota. Their hearing solutions are designed to bring people together by helping to empower them to reach their full potential. Learn more about Starkey’s products by visiting their website here.


Widex is a family owned hearing aid manufacturer with an uncompromising approach to innovation. With a wide range of hearing solutions that allow their wearers to connect and communicate easily, Widex has a solution for every lifestyle. Learn more about Widex’s products by visiting their website here.


GN Resound is a hearing aid manufacturer that offers innovative hearing solutions that combine original thinking and design with premium technology. Founded in 1943, ReSound offers a wide range of hearing aid technology. Learn more about GN ReSound by visiting their website here.


Unitron is a hearing aid manufacturer that’s sole purpose is to make life better for their wearers. They believe that by focusing on the human side of things, they can develop products that are guided by the foundational purpose to make life better for people with hearing loss. Unitron offers a full range of hearing aids for all lifestyles. To learn more about Unitron’s hearing aids, visit their website here.


Rexton is a hearing aid manufacturer that is built on the thought that exceptional hearing should be accessible to all. Their line of products offer unprecedented wearing comfort for every lifestyle, and provide a relaxed listening experience for every situation. To learn more about Rexton’s hearing aids, visit their website here.

Nancy and Melissa are both amazing. They have repaired my aging hearing aids again, and they are over 5 years old. Thank you, I appreciate it.

Paul N

I have been seeing Melissa for over twelve years. Melissa is the most caring audiologist. She answers all questions and helps with any problems. The benefits a person gets from Cedar Hearing Center are outstanding. Free hearing aids cleaning, batteries, one hearing test every year. Cedar Rapids Hearing is the only place I’ll ever go to.

Jan R

After many years of going to CR Hearing Center, I am very pleased with the care and attention I have received. Nancy Sickelka has answered all my questions in a professional and caring manner.

I am so glad I found this office.

David P

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