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The first step toward hearing better!


Dr. Nancy Sickelka began Cedar Rapids Hearing Center in 1999. Dr. Melissa Heinricy joined shortly afterward by serendipitously inquiring at Cedar Rapids Hearing Center just as the practice was ready to expand. Together, we have become the familiar faces that our patients trust and look forward to seeing for all of their hearing care needs.

At Cedar Rapids Hearing Center we’re known for our warm, welcoming environment and knowledgeable, professional care. We understand how difficult hearing problems can be and we’ve built a practice on accurately assessing the most effective solutions for our patients. Come see why we’ve acquired such a loyal patient base, and experience the difference of expert hearing care.

Recieve free batteries for life when purchasing hearing aids from us!


How do you know you're getting the solution that's perfect for you? Our four-step process ensures you will receive the solution that best meets your needs. Our unique approach sets us apart from others because to us, it's not about dispensing products-it's about providing a treatment plan that will reconnect you to your listening world.



Melissa has been helping me for about five years and always has had my needs in mind and treats me with courtesy, respect, and friendship, along with professionalism. She is continuously up to date on the newest technology available. I am a customer with these two wonderful women for life. The day I got my aids, I could hear birds chirping and crickets sounding off, kittens purring and grandkids crying and laughing as I had not heard before as pure and clear as ever. Thank you, Melissa, for opening my eyes and, most importantly, my ears to exciting new found sounds in my life.


I've been seeing Melissa for around 12 years now, and she is fantastic! The help she has provided me has changed my life. I can not possibly express in words how incredible she is at her job.


I have been going to the Hearing Center for more than 10 years and would not even consider going elsewhere! Melissa and Nancy are so pleasant and helpful. They have always taken time to answer my questions, and provide information. Customer service and satisfaction are priorities at The Hearing Center. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for “hearing care!

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