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What to Expect at a Hearing Test

The most important thing to remember about your hearing test is that you can’t fail. A hearing test helps diagnose any problems you’re having - it isn’t a test of skill or ability.

We’ll begin your hearing evaluation by reviewing your medical history and learning about your lifestyle and specific hearing needs. Do you work in a quiet environment where people speak softly, or a louder environment where people are talking over one another? Do your social events involve a few people or a large group? Do you have a history of working in an environment with exposure to loud noises? Does your ear or ear canal show signs of obstruction or injury?

After our review of lifestyle, environmental, and hearing history is completed, we’ll conduct a series of audiometric tests. We begin by finding the softest sounds you can hear across the range of speech frequencies. We’ll ask you to repeat lists of words presented at a comfortable

volume. Repeating these words will help us determine your ability to understand speech. Finally, we will simulate real-life environments to test your ability to hear with background noise.

We will review your results in detail when the tests are completed, and we’ll thoroughly explain what your ear exam and hearing tests reveal about your hearing health. If you’re a candidate for hearing aids, we’ll discuss a wide range of potential options.

At Cedar Rapids Hearing Center you’ll never feel pressure to make a decision on the spot. Treating hearing loss is a very personal and important decision. Finding the right solution for each patient is our goal!


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