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What is misophonia?

Misophonia is a strong reaction to specific sounds, such as loud chewing, tapping, or water dripping. Typical responses include annoyance, anger and disgust. Symptoms can range from subtle to extreme, such as sweating, abnormal breathing, accelerated heart beat, trembling, chills, heat flashes, chest pains or tightness, and butterflies in the stomach.

The most common triggers are eating sounds, loud breathing or nose sounds, and finger or hand sounds. Interestingly, humans make most of the sounds that trigger misophonia. A dog slurping water or food does not usually provoke a reaction according to Medical News Today.

Medical News Today lists these tips for managing sound sensitivity: use headphones and music to drown out the trigger noises, wear earplugs, distance yourself from the sounds, practice self care with rest and relaxation to reduce stress, and speak calmly with family and friends to explain your sensitivity. If possible, have a noise free space in your home.


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