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Sounds Like CR Hearing; Jon Clingman

It has been about six months since I received my new hearing aids from CR Hearing Center. I’m a pharmacist, and my ability to hear is not only important for my wife’s sanity, but it’s important for my work as well.

My journey into better hearing started when a good friend shared the experiences he was having with his new devices. I was really interested in learning what he had to say because he and I both have complete hearing loss in one ear, and he shared that with help from the professional audiologist he works with, he no longer had to turn his head if someone was on his right side. (I can’t hear in my left ear).

Now, with the help of this new technology, I am able to hear the sound coming from my left side for the first time in 56 years! I am confident in crowded situations. I no longer fear being embarrassed when riding in the front passenger seat of a car, and I can engage in conversation with people sitting on my right or left sides. These are exactly the benefits I was hoping for.

This has been really exciting for me, but the good news doesn’t stop there. The real bonus and a big surprise to me was the ability to once again hear the high pitched sounds I lost long ago, sounds like a light breeze engaging the leaves in the fall and all those beeps and chimes of modern life. The restored harmony of many of my favorite songs also renewed my love of music. An added bonus of the technology is the convenience of adjusting the volume and pitch through my smartphone as well as tuning in my playlists on Spotify whenever I’m ready to kick back and relax.

Melissa and everyone at CR Hearing have been very friendly and a joy to work with. It’s clear that their passion is for making sure patients can hear at their very best!

I have only one complaint. I can no longer use hearing loss as an excuse for evading certain chores at home or at work.


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