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Real Ear Measurement – Allowing for a customized and concise fit for every patient.

What is Real Ear Measurement (REM)?

REM is a test conducted by your audiologist to determine whether your hearing aids are working appropriately for your hearing loss.  REM measures the amount of amplification the hearing aids are delivering to your ear. We use a REM process called Speech Mapping, which uses speech to provide appropriate volume for the hearing aids. Speech mapping allows for more finely-tuned, accurately fit hearing aids.

How does it work?

Your hearing aid is programmed precisely, by using a tiny microphone placed in your ear canal in close proximity to the ear drum. This probe microphone measures the sound level near your eardrum and ensures the hearing aid is supplying the appropriate volume at each frequency. Speech Mapping ensures that the actual amount of sound that reaches your eardrum is the correct amount based on your hearing loss and hearing need prescription.

Why is it important?

Because everyone’s hearing loss and ears are unique, programming all hearing aids the same way will not ensure the best results for each individual patient.  Real Ear Measurement (REM) uses your unique hearing results to ensure the hearing aids are providing adequate volume in the speech region.

REM increases accuracy, gives you a clear “visual” of the hearing aid benefits in real time, and reduces the amount of follow-up adjustments needed.


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