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Quick Tip from Melissa Heinricy, Au D.

In this quick video, Melissa Heinricy, Au D., shares a trick you can use to check whether it's the device or battery that needs to be replaced when your hearing aid fails.

Hi, everyone!

We wanted to share with you a little tip.

If you have a hearing aid that has quit working and aren't sure if it's the battery that has died or the actual hearing aid, here's a trick to figure out. Take the battery out of the hearing aid that is still functioning and put that battery into the device that quit working.

If the hearing ais starts to work, then you know your battery was bad. Go ahead and replace that battery. If the hearing aid still doesn't work, then you know it's not the battery, and there's something else going on with the hearing aid. But this way you don't try four, or five or six batteries in that non-functioning hearing aid before you realize that it's probably not the battery.

I hope this helps someone!


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