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How to Use the New myPhonak App

The following video is an explanation on how to use the new myPhonak hearing aid app on your Android or your iPhone device. Hopefully you find this helpful. Thanks, have a great day!

Hi, everyone. This is a video about the new myPhonak app. If you slide the circle up or down, that turns the volume up on both devices. If you want to separate the volume, click on the bottom line with the dot in the middle. It separates the devices so that you can adjust them independently. And you want to go back, you tap on the two lines at the bottom and you can go back to adjusting them together. If you want to mute the devices, you tap on the little microphone in the left corner. That will mute them and then unmute them.

If you would like to pick different programs you tap on your AutoSense OS, it will show the programs that are available. You can click on "restaurant" for instance, and go in and adjust volume and other things independently there. If you click on the bottom right corner on those three lines, you will be brought to this screen. There are many, many adjustments that can be made within this and you only want to do this if you're very comfortable with it. For instance, if you want to increase your bass, decrease your bass, increase the highs, decrease the highs, you can play around with that, see what sounds good in a certain environment. The next one is volume, that's pretty self explanatory. The next one is noise reduction. The further you slide it over to the right, the more noise reduction there is. The next one is speech focus, this is in a restaurant setting. And the further over to the right that you slide it, the more it's going to focus on the person in front of you.

You can create your own program by clicking "save" on the previous screen. And then once you have entered in your name of the program, you click "save" on this screen again. And it will save the program as whatever you named it, and it will be listed underneath the programs that we looked at on the very first screen. If you don't want to save it as a program, don't click "save." Again, these are the programs that are available.

You can also go into "My Hearing Aids," you can look at how to stream, it shows you all the different programs that are on your hearing aids, and you can forget the devices if you no longer want to stream. You can go back to the remote control, and again the volume control screen comes up. Hope this helps. Thanks, bye.


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