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How to Change your Phonak Marvel and Paradise Wax Guard

In this video, Melissa Heinricy, Au D., demonstrates how to replace the wax guard in the new model of Phonak's Marvel and Paradise hearing aids.

Hi everyone, today I'm going to talk about how to change the little wax guard on Phonak’s new models of the Marvels or the new Paradise. In the past, they had little sticks with the wax baskets on them, and you put those down into the speaker, and then turn it around and replaced it with the new one. This one, you now use a little disk to replace them.

So ,what you'd want to do first, you have the hearing aid with the little dome on top. So you'll take this dome off, like that--just pulls off. So, it's kind of hard to see, but there's a little, tiny, white piece inside that little speaker, and that's the part that's going to be replaced.

So, using your shield, you're going to actually turn the shield--the disk, so that you have a replacement one sitting right there, and then this is where the old one goes because you're going to throw it in the trash. What you'll do is simply take--take your speaker, and you will push it into the trash. You'll hear a click, pull it out, and the white piece will now be gone and sitting in the trash side.

And then to do--to replace it with the new clean wax basket, you do the same thing. Push the speaker into the little number two slot, and then here—click, and now it's gone from here, and it's actually inside the device. It's very easy, sometimes it's easier to lie the disk down and push it in like this, just because it's--when it's flat then you can push down as hard as you need to push. After that, you would take your little dome and you would just put the dome right back on and you're ready to go.

Hope this was helpful. Again, this is for the Phonak Marvel, for the receiver in the ear, and for the Phonak Paradise, which is their newest product. Thanks!


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