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Habits for Better Hearing

Hearing well isn't just about your hearing health – there are a whole host of reasons to protect your hearing and to care for your ears. Severe hearing loss can lead to less physical exercise, loss of balance, falls, and social isolation. Researchers at Johns Hopkins have also shown that hearing loss increases the risk of dementia, doubling the risk for people with mild hearing loss and five times the risk for those with severe hearing impairment.

The good news is that some simple habits can reduce your chances of experiencing hearing loss.

Avoid Loud Noises

It can be easy to lose track of how loud your gadgets are when listening to music, watching TV, or doing other daily activities. Experiment with the lowest volume that is still enjoyable and use caution to avoid noisy environments.

Wear Hearing Protection

Mowing the lawn, operating power tools, and many other daily activities generate very loud noises that can damage hearing. Earplugs and earmuff-style hearing protection are effective at protecting your hearing. For extremely loud environments or lengthy exposures, like mowing, using both can improve protection. Taking a moment to slip on your hearing protection is a great habit to get into and a good example for children.

Don't Smoke

Smoking is a contributing factor to hearing loss. If you smoke and need another reason to quit, add a reduced risk of hearing loss to the list of benefits.

Step Up The Exercise

Exercise reduces inflammation and stimulates oxygen-rich blood circulation, two factors that can reduce the risk of hearing loss caused by damage to capillaries and nerve cells. Even very moderate physical activity can improve mobility and reduce inflammation.

Get Your Hearing Checked Regularly By An Audiologist

Hearing isn't just about detecting sound. It's also essential for the brain to decode sounds into words and sentences we can understand. A doctor of audiology can address hearing loss, problems understanding speech, and screen for a wide variety of physical problems that can cause hearing difficulties.

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