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At CR Hearing, It’s What Happens After You Buy That Makes All the Difference

The goal of CR Hearing is to help patients enjoy a better quality of life, to experience relationships and connections with the depth that good hearing provides. Patients report being more involved in life, and research shows that better hearing means better health.

Better hearing doesn’t just come from hearing instruments. It comes from working with patients to maintain and improve their hearing experience. Some of our ongoing patient care includes:

1. Periodic Check-Ups

For as long as you own your hearing instruments, your appointment with CR Hearing is free. We’ll examine your instruments for wear and make certain they’re clean and free of debris. While we’re at it, we’ll check your ears too to make sure there’s no buildup of wax preventing you from hearing.

2. Hearing Tests

Our hearing changes over time. Periodic hearing tests provide the information CR Hearing needs to make adjustments to the software in your hearing instruments.

CR Hearing – what you buy are hearing aids. What you get is care.


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