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5 Celebrities You Didn't Know Wore Hearing Aids

They may not be exactly like you and me, but they are a part of the 38.2 million Americans coping with hearing loss.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has been very open with her experience with hearing loss. The actress, comedian, and co-host of the “The View” doesn’t let her two hearing aids get in the way of her success. She attributes her hearing loss to listening to loud music when she was younger and hopes to help prevent young people from making the same mistake.

Eric Clapton

The 72-year-old told the BBC in 2018 that he was losing his hearing. In the interview, he said that he was struggling to hear the strums of his guitar. “I am going deaf, I’ve got tinnitus,” said Clapton. He admits years of being exposed to loud music has caused his hearing loss.

Steve Martin

Comedian and actor Steve Martin wears hearing aids to cope with tinnitus and hearing loss after having hearing problems that started in 1986 when he was too close to a loud gunfire on the set of “Three Amigos.”

Jodie Foster

Actress and director, Jodie Foster suffers from hearing loss and knows the importance of getting your ears checked. Although the actress admits she doesn’t keep up with her hearing loss as well as she should, she knows that well-fitted hearing aids and regular checkups can be the difference in having a happy, successful life.

Stephen Colbert

The 56-year-old is completely deaf in his right ear. “The Late Show” host said he lost his hearing when surgeons tried to remove a tumor when he was a kid. He’s had a successful career but actually wanted to be a marine biologist; however, the damage to his ear wouldn’t allow for him to scuba dive.

These celebrities all went on to have successful careers despite the challenges of hearing loss. You too might benefit from wearing hearing aids. Complete our online self assessment if you are unsure about scheduling an evaluation. If your hearing loss is keeping you from doing the things you love, schedule an appointment with us today to discuss the wide range of available options.


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