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12 Things That Happen When Hearing Aids Get Old

Your hearing aids may seem like they are "working just fine" if you can still hear with them, but after a few years, they need to be replaced to give you the best hearing quality. Here are 12 things that can happen when hearing aids get old:

1. Poor sound quality

2. Static

3. Battery drain

4. Work intermittently

5. Distortion

6. Nonlinear amplification

Some sounds are too loud while others aren't loud enough - which is not how the hearing aids worked when they were new

7. Noise reduction feature stops working

8. Volume controls/program buttons stop working or are intermittent

9. Volume control is no longer linear

Aids jump from soft to loud with no inbetween

10. Custom fit is loose

11. Feedback (whistles easily)

12. High pitches fade

This takes away clarity, which helps you understand speech

There are many reasons to replace hearing aids that still seem to be working and after awhile, an audiologist can no longer adjust aids reliably and hearing aids need to be replaced and not fixed. If it's been a few years since you got your hearing aids or if any of the above is happening, book an appointment with us here.


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