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Better hearing isn’t a convenience or a luxury. Better hearing improves health, adds earning potential, and most importantly, improves your relationships with friends and loved ones.

Choosing a hearing device also means choosing whom you will work with for years to come. As doctors of audiology, we are trained in applied audiology, audiologic rehabilitation, medical neuroscience, neuro-otology, cochlear implants, programmable hearing aids, counseling, and the physical and emotional aspects of aging. Our training prepares us to successfully manage hearing loss as a chronic but very treatable condition for all patients.
As you continue learning and thinking through options for your hearing health, rely on us for advice that has only one goal – better hearing for you.

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You can also take our Online Hearing Self-Assessment to see where your hearing loss level falls and determine if a further hearing evaluation by one of our Doctors of Audiology is the next right step.

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