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How to Clean the Phonak Marvel hearing aid Receiver and Ear Device

Hi again, everyone, keeping your device clean helps your hearing.  With that in mind, here is some step by step instructions on how to clean the Phonak Marvel receiver in-ear device.

Phonak changed their wax protection system recently, so if you have a Phonak Marvel receiver in-the-ear, these instructions will help you.

You still have the dome on the end of the device you will remove the dome just like you would with any other device, the difference is the way that you're going to get the wax filter out and then put back in.

Instead of having a stick, with the baskets, you're going to use the black dispenser wheel. There are two spots on the wheel, one with a little trash can on it, and then another with a number two above the hole.  You are going to turn your wheel – it does turn pretty easily – until you get to your new wax filter. You see, the white filter underneath the number two, that is the new clean wax filter.

You take your receiver part of the device with the wax filter at the end, and you're just going to push the entire receiver into the little trash can slot. You're going to push it in – let it go – and now your old one; the used, dirty filter is in the trash can spot.  Your new filter is in the space below the number two. You're going to take your receiver to push it into the hole underneath the number two. When you pull it out, the new filter is in your receiver. Finally, reassemble your device.

The next time you want to replace your filter, you're going to turn the wheel so that you get your clean filter in the hole below the number two, and the hole below the trashcan will be empty.


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