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Getting The Most From Your Hearing Aids

Different hearing aid styles offered by Cedar Rapids Hearing Center

Hearing aids are complex miniature microphones, amplifiers, and speakers made more powerful by sophisticated software programmed by CR Hearing. Getting the most of your hearing aids requires matching your personal hearing test profile and your most common listening environments to the right device, and programming software in the device to deliver the best possible sound.

Sound complicated? It is. But it’s our job to manage the technology so you don’t have to.

Hearing amplifiers, the kind often available at low prices online, increase the volume of all sounds equally. If you’re in a loud environment, the loud sounds get louder along with the sounds you want to hear. Feedback or “whistling” in hearing aids was often a drawback of hearing amplifiers. All hearing aids were analog sound amplifiers until recent advances in miniaturization and software engineering created customized digital hearing improvement.

Digital hearing aids provide more customization of hearing environments and can be paired with smartphones for even more features. Digital hearing aids are actually computerized sound processors. After analyzing incoming sounds, the software can eliminate some sounds or noise patterns while enhancing some frequencies and softening others. Smartphones can play music through the hearing devices, act as a remote microphone when the person wearing the hearing aid is further from the speaker, and even channel phone calls through the hearing device for better comprehension.

CR Hearing delivers customized hearing solutions unique to every patient, so every patient gets the best hearing experience possible.


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